Goli Nagdali Joins the HeiLu Team as Client Relations Manager

Industry specialist, Goli Nagdali, recently joined the HeiLu team. As Client Relations Manager, Goli will work strategically alongside HeiLu owners, Scott and Tim, to provide support and solutions to the Architecture and Design community in Los Angeles. Specializing in all things furniture, she will keep up on office trends, ergonomics, sustainability and wellness in the workplace practices.

The Latest Work Perk That Employees Value Most

These days, American companies are seeing an increase in the latest work perk valued by their employees – technology. Entrepreneur found that in a recent survey by Adobe Systems, 81 percent of U.S. office workers value state-of-the-art technology above everything else -- even more than a beautiful office or on-site amenities. Unfortunately, only a quarter of these same employees said their company’s technology was actually “ahead of the curve.

The New Generation, Generation Z

Not to be confused with Millennials, the upcoming (and completely new) generation are known as Generation Z or the “Unknowns”. More conservative when it comes to safe jobs, committed marriages, and working with a team, Generation Z wants fulfillment and excitement in their jobs, want to move out from their parents, and they want close friends. 

5 Myths Regarding the Future of Office Space

We recently came across a great article from The Tenant Advisor, where the author, Coy Davidson, talked about myths within the office market. Below is what he found…

Office Layout from Teknion Dramatically Improves Productivity

Can the office furniture you use dramatically impact your work output? John Brandon, contributing editor of Inc.com, recently put this to the test and found some office equipment from three furniture companies in hopes of seeing how the layout impacted his productivity. 

4 Ways Your Office May Change by 2025

A combination of fast-moving technology, and other factors are influencing the office of the future. Looking forward to less than a decade from now, experts believe offices will undergo some changes, both in how they look and how people collaborate. 

HeiLu Brings On Diana Matteson as Senior Business Development and Interiors Consultant to Their Growing Team

With over 28 years in the industry, Diana Matteson recently joined the HeiLu team. As Senior Business Development and Interiors Consultant specializing in working with the Architecture and Design Community. Diana will work strategically alongside HeiLu owners, Scott Kriech and Tim Barz, to build the HeiLu brand by developing deeper relationships with industry professionals and new clients.

Maintaining a Healthy Equilibrium of Collaboration vs. Distraction in the Workplace

Once, open-plan offices were all the corporate rage, but that time appears to be passing. The level of distraction and the extent to which the "always-on" culture is now impacting our daily lives continues to evolve, with the lowly office now cited as one of the contributing factors to the many distractions of modern life as we now know it. Maintaining a healthy equilibrium of collaboration versus distraction is now proving to be one of the big challenges of managing the 21st century workplace.

Today's "Modern" Workplace: Lonely and Isolated

As more and more workers make the switch to the freelance life—currently 53 million people in the US workforce are freelancers, according to a 2014 survey by Edelman Berland—they’re often unaware of the solitude that can accompany the lonely business that is a freelance career. 

Joven Lubina Joins the HeiLu Team as Sales and Operations Consultant

Seeking a need in operational support, HeiLu recently recruited Joven Lubina as Sales and Operations Consultant. With over 15 years in the industry, Joven will be responsible for quoting projects, submitting bid pricing, working closely with the design team and placing orders, as HeiLu experiences rapid growth within the company. 

The Office Space of the Future

In today’s day and age, employers are changing up the stale office space in order to create more collaboration and seek greater productivity from their staff. Cubicles are becoming outdated and in their place are different variations on the idea of open-plan offices.

How to Create a Magnetic Workplace

With all the advancements in technology these days, its easy for people to work from anywhere, at any time but they do need to work somewhere. These Generation Y-ers, who have been raised on technology, are eager to work but don’t necessarily want to work in a sterile 20th century office. Sure they care about compensation but they also care about how, when, where and why they work. 

HeiLu Adds Senior Designer, Joanne Millard, to Their Growing Team

With over 20 years in the commercial furniture space, industry professional Joanne Millard recently joined the HeiLu team. As Senior Designer, Joanne will work strategically alongside HeiLu owners, Scott and Tim, to create innovative and functional work environments that will meet HeiLu’s client’s needs, aesthetics and budget. 

Cisco and Teknion Bring the Workplace of the Future to Life at NeoCon 2015

Today, Teknion, a leading international designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative workplace interiors, announced that it is working together with Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT, to create new workspaces that unite modern, adaptable workplace furniture arrangements and Cisco collaboration technology to address the needs of today's highly mobile, flexible and dynamic workforce.

Premium Work Environment Firm, Equip Office Solutions Transitions to New Company, HeiLu

Industry Leaders Tim Barz and Scott Kriech join forces and form HeiLu, a premium office solutions firm.