Our Story

Story telling is an art form that has existed since the dawn of time. We enjoy telling ours, we hope we can delight you along the way.

HeiLu has it's roots in Southern California beginning in 2002 with Equip Office Solutions. Tim Barz was the sole proprietor of Equip and focused on the Los Angeles marketplace. As new opportunities presented themselves, Tim and Scott formed a partnership and transitioned Equip into HeiLu. They now have a focus on all of Southern California.
Working together, they are focused on each individual client experience. Never in a hurry to chase and bring on just any client, HeiLu pursues relationships they believe are a perfect collaboration for all involved. These partnerships that are forged make any opportunity a successful venture that produce the return on investment desired.

The interactions that HeiLu has been fortunate to be a part of make up the past, present, and future. The HeiLu story is always evolving with the addition of HeiLuians that are dedicated to the success of our clients and business partners. So, our story is one that is based on a passion to be something different and holds value.


Sometimes in life, great things come to those who wait. Through the years, Tim and Scott believed the right opportunity would reveal itself. And it did. HeiLu is forged in the belief that a client experience should be one of exceeding expectations and creating a long-term relationship that is rewarding for everyone involved. These two lead an extraordinary group of creative professionals that strive to take care of the clients and influencers who believe in HeiLu.

Tim Barz

The ability to see the positive in any situation is a characteristic that only a handful of people carry with them each and everyday. His optimism carries into each client interaction he is engaged with. He enjoys the ability to bring the expectations of his clients to life and see where he can take it.

Tim's diligent and insightful analysis of business strategy energizes people to take creative discussions to their limits. His relationships matter most and taking care of those relationships is his dna.

Scott Kriech

Creating the perfect client experience is the driving force behind the passion that Scott exudes every day. Coming together with like-minded people in the marketplace in the pursuit of excellence is the great reward of forming and leading HeiLu.

Being hands on throughout the process, from beginning to end, ensures that the fundamental process and platforms of HeiLu will be enhanced by critical client feedback. HeiLu's business is in fluid transition and we have to be able to be flexible to the needs of our clients as they transition to their future.


There may never have been a time in business when change has been as quick, as radical, or as demanding as it is today. Our clients demand excellence. And they should. HeiLu strives to provide an unparalleled experience to our clients and partners.

Today is where it's at.